XinZhiZao VIP 1 Account 20 Years Activation Code


XinZhiZao 1 Account 20 Years VIP Activation Code.

Original price $249, special price $229.9

Over 60,000 Resources, Schematics, Boardview, Diode Value, Repair Guide, Diode Value for Computer, Smartphone, Graphics Card and Monitors.

XinZhiZao VIP(all functions)costs less than $0.03 per day.

Only supports windows OS

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Original price $249, special price $229.9

XinZhiZao VIP(all functions)costs less than $0.03 per day.

XinZhiZao, A professional maintenance tool for inquiring professional maintenance information of mobile phones, computers, tablets and other electronic products. Collecting the strengths of hundreds of companies, make maintenance so simple.

Only supports windows OS

International Multilingual Version Supports: 简体中文, 繁體中文, English, Español, Tiếng Việt, 日本語, Portuguese, Türkçe.

Important Note

The website account is separate from the XinZhiZao software account. Before upgrading VIP, you must have already registered your XinZhiZao software account.

If you want to change your user password in the XinZhiZao software, go to the software and change it. This website is only used to place orders for VIP redemption codes at a discounted price

Operation Guide

Step 1. Get a VIP Activation Code

Place an order on this page, after successful payment, you will get a Activation Code. We will also send the order details to your email address.

XinZhiZao VIP 1 Account 20 Years Exchange code

Step 2. Download, Install, Register

Download XinZhiZao software, here are two ways to download:

  1. Direct Download
  2. Download from XinZhiZao English Official Website:

After installation, run the XinZhiZao software, click to Register.

Step 3. Upgrade VIP

Login to the XinZhiZao software with the registered account.

Fill the Activation Code in, upgrade to VIP membership.

If you encounter problems during use, please download the new XinZhiZao operation manual:XinZhiZao operation manual

Technical support contact:


WhatsApp (+86 18823306625)